ABOUT Sarah Vandenbusch
I am a Los Angeles based Artist and Photographer who creates in my studio in Burbank.  Originally from the Midwest, I've been drawing, painting & shooting photos since childhood. I studied Painting & Photography at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. ​

Most of my artwork is based on my own photographs. If a camera is in my hand, I'm probably snapping the view, or I'm shooting favorite items  from different points of view. 

Although much of my artwork is representational, I've always always been fascinated by collage & mixed media and am currently exploring / playing with some new art pieces with that in mind. 

In recent years I have found myself feeling much more playful with my work. When I’m in the moment, I really feel that sense of childlike joy! I'm hoping that feeling is conveyed in my pieces. I like creating images that take people back to a favorite place, a fond moment, or simply images that make people smile. Hoping my work may do that for you too.